The "Urban Explorers' Club" is a monthly signature journey that costs R$ 25 ($6) and consists of:

  • A new nature activity every week, with a short video to present it and a PDF doc to print and sign your name when you finish it;

  • 10 themed levels to separate the activities (2 years worth);

  • A themed magazine and surprise gift at every level;

  • A logo badge; 

  • A level badge every time you finish a level;

  • Access to the Explorer's Base, a forum to share photos and videos of the kids' nature activities.

Many children in the city have barely any contact with nature, which is something simple and extremely valuable: research has confirmed nature is important to children’s development in every major way—intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically (Kellert, 2005). Parents know that issue but don't know where to start to create this connection, so I went on and made an activity program designed to ignite excitement and curiosity towards nature in children.

Some of my initial (approximate) costs are:

  • Website $60/mo

  • Levels' badges wholesale $150/level

  • Levels' magazines wholesale $70/level

  • Videos $25/mo

  • Surprise gifts wholesale $50/level

  • Marketing $50/mo at least

I try and do everything I can myself, such as graphic design and video editing, but these are costs I will need to cover, so I'd appreciate any help you could give for the first few months. To help the project, donate using PayPal here:

Any donation is MUCH appreciated! I will ensure the donation is very well used to help children have healthier childhoods, leading to a healthier society in Brazil (cliche but true).

If you would like to know more or have any questions, send them to any of the contact options below or to carolinaalcar@gmail.com.